Mental Health Awareness

Posted: Tuesday 8th October 2019

Developing mental health awareness and wellbeing in the work culture is a responsibility of every individual at different levels in an organization.  Here at TST we are taking steps in promoting mental health in the workplace. We are ensuring that all our Employees have access to and are aware of what is available when help is needed.  We have a dedicated welfare area and currently have 30 personnel that are trained to MHFA status.

World Mental Health Day – Thursday 10th October – is an important date too in our diary.  Just as we strive to keep ourselves physically fit and well, being aware of our mental health and how we are feeling – and thinking – is just as vital to our overall well-being.  Improving the mental health of our employees – making them mentally resilient to stress – can improve thinking, decision-making, workflow, and relationships at work. To support Mental Health Day our aim is to both educate and open up discussion about mental health, encouraging people to share their experiences.   Opening up conversations, and focusing on what can be done to improve our understanding of these conditions and illnesses is what World Mental Health Day is all about.   There is still stigma around mental health, everyone faces anxiety, stress and pressure in their daily lives, so sharing how we feel is something we shouldn’t be ashamed to do.  During a Safety Shut Down presentation recently our HSE Leader retold a personal story and recited a poem which highlighted how many of us can feel.

So what is depression I’d like to know?
An illness so secret it doesn’t show.
Until the person will stand up and say,
“I need some help to come my way”
Open up your heart and speak your mind,
people will listen and be very kind.
The journey could take you many years,
there will be laughter and lots of tears.
An end to your illness could be so near,
so speak out bravely and show no fear.

 Brenda Males

If you are concerned about a work colleague, friend or family member’s mental health, the best way to help is to listen, or to open up a conversation where that person feels they could talk to you if they wanted.

To encourage our employees to talk and listen we have posters through all areas of our workplace, access to counselling and 30 trained personnel all of which enforces our commitment to the Mental Health wellbeing of our workforce.   For those who want to get involved in raising awareness on World Mental Health Day check out the following websites  Time to Change and the Mental Health Foundation




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