Career Areas


Become part of the Engineering Team where you can help solve problems that are vital to our business. From providing support to the Operations Team in the delivery of product to innovating and developing new processes to provide world class coating technology solutions to our customers.

There are 2 elements to the Engineering function – product and process:

Product Engineers provide support to operations by ensuring we always have the correct approvals to manufacture product and that we have an approved method to manufacture them to. They also provide support when product is found to be non-conforming by making decisions and carrying out the actions to release the product either as acceptable, reject or by developing a rectification process.

Process Engineers are responsible for the technical elements of process control. They are responsible for ensuring the process parameters are correct, approved and adequately controlled within customer approved specification. They are also responsible for carrying out and approving any improvements required to the processes to continually improve our yield and right first time. The process engineer is also accountable for maintaining our NADCAP special process approvals.


The Finance team collects the cash it is owed from customers, and makes timely payments to suppliers for all the goods and services TST has bought to run the business.Cash and foreign currency requirements need to be forecast to ensure we make best use of the Company’s cash resources.

Annual budgets and quarterly forecasts are prepared to predict our financial performance, and these need to be agreed with our parent Companies. How we are doing against these budgets and forecasts is measured by the monthly management accounts.

Ensuring compliance with tax law is an important role, the main elements of this are making Corporation Tax returns and VAT returns, and of course on time payment of tax due.Through Corporation Tax, VAT and Employers National Insurance and Income Tax and National Insurance from our employees, TST and its staff contribute around £7million a year to the Exchequer.

Health, Safety and Environment

From risk assessments through to raising ‘good spots’ our Health and Safety Team are key in ensuring the company provides a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. The HSE team at TST is co-located with our operations and engineering teams. This can mean that the day is hectic from time to time, as we have regular visitors asking “can you just….”, but dealing with things promptly is what we’re here for. The team consists of two advisors, one specialist and an in-house trainer.

We can be dealing with everything from inducting and supervising contractors to risk assessing existing or new processes. We are also part of the team which are developing the next coating processes to ensure that the best possible HS&E practices are embedded from day one. TST are always looking to improve our skills and knowledge ensuring we are up to date with our individual training and any developments in HSE law. The most important part of our role, is to ensure that TST has ‘right’ health, safety and environment culture.

Human Resources

From the recruitment process through training and development, supporting our employees and managers. At TST, our people are our most valuable assets, through development, reward and recognition, you will play a role in helping us recruit and retain the keys to our success.

Information Technology

Support the business in delivering Information Technology solutions to improve what we do. The work you do will support the business in producing product for our customer.

The IT Team provide installation, development, configuration, maintenance and support for a wide variety of IT services. These range from a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to physical access control for secure factory areas, from virtual server management to specialised applications for controlling shop floor processes.

Every day is different, often challenging and always stimulating. We work with excellent resources helping first class people produce an outstanding product for a demanding customer.

Procurement & Materials Management

Join a team of professionals who look at procurement beyond the traditional aspects of cost, quality and consistent supply – purchasing from suppliers who share our values and ethics. Support purchasing decisions to raise procurement standards and continuously improve our practices.


Integral to all processes, TST’s quality culture engages all employees in recognising and endeavouring to exceed our customer’s expectations through continuous improvement. The quality team’s function is to provide support across all the teams and functions. This means promoting customer focus through effective teamwork and communication within these teams, with customers and with external suppliers. Team members are proficient in understanding customer and regulatory requirements, and supporting problem resolution.


Our objective to ensure that the customer gets the product; when they need it, at the right quality for the right cost. We aim to do this by embracing lean principles in everything we do. Our processes are extremely complex and require tight control of our equipment, materials and tooling. However, most importantly, they require our people to be highly trained and motivated.


The TST maintenance department has grown significantly over the years employing 20 people within the department, we have a broad skill set with a mix of electrical and mechanical engineers including apprentices. Our aim is the discipline and professionalism of applying the best possible engineering concepts to the optimisation of equipment and procedures to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment. We have embraced a number of new IT systems to ensure that we have always using the best possible data and information to quickly resolve issues.

NADCAP Accredited
AS9100 Certified
ISO14001 Certified