The Rolls-Royce Turbine Excellence Awards

Posted: Wednesday 27th July 2022

On Monday 25th July we were excited to attend the annual Rolls-Royce Turbines Excellence Awards. We are delighted to report that TST team members collected two awards at the ceremony, and wish to share this news:

Firstly, Cherry Salvesen was recognised for the high energy and commitment she brings to the Performance Through Our People programme. Cherry puts in significant effort to ensure the programme is fully deployed and is coordinated, often giving her personal time to complete all supporting tasks. She ensures these events go smoothly and, without a hint of complaint, picks up the unglamorous tasks too, which have to be done to make the activities a success. Well done Cherry!

Secondly, it was great to recognise the COVID control team as award winners.  Rose Hagger and Lynda Smith coordinated the effort to share the team’s work on the day.   This was a big team effort, and apologies we could not ask everyone involved to attend to celebrate the work that ensured TST Operations were maintained through the pandemic without interruption, leaving a legacy of a business continuity system proven to protect against this kind of event.


The TST COVID Team  nomination stated….

In recognition of the extraordinary efforts and care taken by the TST Occupational Health, H&S, HR, Shift Leader and Site Services teams to keep us all safe and the facility functioning during the past two years.  This involved everything from development of the appropriate risk management processes and creation, acquisition, training and deployment of the necessary equipment and consumables through to the development, administration and deployment of local temperature screening and PCR swab testing regimes.  Plus providing excellent advice and care to team members affected (in many ways), maintaining a clean and hygienic environment to sustain operations, and policing and sustaining the measures with friendly and stern guidance as necessary.

Their work fulfilled all the criteria in delivering all the attributes of a safety system in a highly uncertain and challenging environment.  New processes needed to be developed and modified rapidly in the face of changing guidance and need. Unpopular and resisted measures needed to be driven in a caring but forceful and intransigent manner.  Solutions needed to be suitable but simple so they could be easily disseminated.  The campaign involved a wide number of people across the team, succeeding only due to excellent cooperation and shared sense of purpose.  Significant issues of confidentiality and employee concern were managed successfully only through the trust in the team and their integrity to speak appropriately and take reasonable actions.   And of course, the paramount focus was the safety of the whole team, delivered independently as a stand-alone organisation.

Our congratulations to TST’s Turbines Excellence Award winners, and we look forward to nominating other projects and activities for the 2023 awards.

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