Shout Up! Campaign

Posted: Wednesday 14th June 2023

SHOUT UP! Is our new digital reporting system to raise a problem, concern or issue.

We already have ‘Good Spots’ a very successful system of reporting issues, but we now also have SHOUT UP a new simple solution that puts Quality, HS&E and Cost Reduction all in one place.

We are encouraging everyone to……

Shout Up! – with any problem/concern/issue that has an impact to our processes, affects the way we work or hinders our ability to do our job.

Shout Up! – with any hazards for the potential to cause harm, and if it affects the way we work or impacts on our ability to do our job safely.

Shout Up! – with amazing Ideas for things, we can do better, cheaper, quicker, or maybe do without at all.

NADCAP Accredited
AS9100 Certified
ISO14001 Certified